How to Get Top Dollar Selling Your Home

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Get Top Dollar Selling Your HomeSummer is the perfect time to sell your house. According to the National Association of Realtors, prices are usually the highest in the summer. However, getting the best price doesn’t just happen—you need a game plan. Here are a few strategies to help you get top dollar selling your home.

Get Your House in Tip-Top Shape
Before putting your house on the market, complete any repairs or updates necessary to get your house in the best condition possible. Anything that’s not working properly is more than likely to show up in a home inspection. You’ll save time by making any repairs upfront and avoid the risk of a potential buyer losing interest.

Know Your Competition
Talk with your realtor about the competition in your neighborhood as well as homes listed in your price range. You may want to consider making a few upgrades to compete with the market. It may be something as simple as updating door handles or adding a little landscaping to improve your curb appeal.

Find the Right Price
There are a couple different ways you can go about pricing your home to sell. You can price lower than comparable houses on the market with the expectation to sell fast or better yet—start a bidding war. A lower asking price may draw buyers’ attention, but you take the risk of ending up with an offer you don’t really want.

You can also choose to set the selling price high and test the waters. After all, you can always lower the price later if you’re not getting any offers. Keep in mind, a higher asking price may scare off potential buyers from even looking at your home. You also take the risk of having the house on the market longer if you end up lowering the price later on.

Finding just the right asking price will set the stage for the selling process so put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and pick a price you’re comfortable with.

If you’re thinking of selling your current home and buying something new, we can help! Talk to us about our mortgage loan options—we can help you get the right loan to meet your needs.

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